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Introducing Kara Oceane, a brand focused on creating luxurious and affordable wedding gowns for the free-spirited, modern bride.


Our design philosophy revolves around the idea that “less is more” in bridal fashion. Our signature collections focus on clean cuts, flattering proportions, and incredible workmanship which will ensure the most feminine and flattering fit. 


Featuring a variety of gorgeous bridal fabrics, you will experience soft layers of luxe chiffon, dreamy and frothy tulle, silky satin, and rich crepe. 


Our goal is to provide a personalized experience to every bride-to-be. We believe that a Kara Oceane gown will flatter your outer beauty just as much as your inner beauty - highlighting your fierce, strong, and independent nature. You deserve to feel like a goddess every step of the way in your bridal journey, and we are honoured to be a part of it. 

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There’s nothing quite like a fierce and loving mother-daughter duo. 


Katie grew up admiring her mother Kimberly, a talented and respected bridal seamstress. Growing up around bridal fashion, Katie learned to sew at a young age and eagerly helped her mom whenever she could. She always dreamt of becoming a wedding gown designer.


Through the years, Katie began to help her mother Kimberly with her clients at home. She even opened her own bridal boutique to reach a broader clientele. On the side, she began to make dresses for her friends and family, and her love of design flourished. But one thing remained the same, Katie continued to dream of her own bridal brand, which would be accessible and affordable to the modern bride around the world. 


The dream of Kara Oceane became a reality when Katie took a leap of faith and followed her dreams. Named after her young daughter, Kara Oceane will always represent the loving nature and strong bond between granddaughter-mother-and grandmother. A bond that will stand the test of time and prove that anything is possible with love. 


“The best part of being a designer is creating a gown that fits like no other, and seeing your clients vision come to life. There is no greater feeling in the world” 

  • Katie, designer of Kara Oceane 

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