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“The design process is not only creative, but exciting. I’m always challenging myself to become one with my clients. I want to design gowns that I would absolutely love to wear.”

  • Katie, designer of Kara Oceane 


Katie’s design inspiration comes from the years of customers, clients, family, and friends that she has had the privilege of working with. Every bridal journey is unique, but one thing remains the same, every bride wants to feel their most beautiful on their wedding day. 


Katie loves to envision a Kara Oceane bride as a hard working, passionate, free-spirited city girl who dreams of a modern and romantic wedding.  


With all of that in mind, Katie spends much of her free time emerging herself in her sketches, designing gowns that will undoubtedly flatter all body types. Katie wants every bride to be “wow’d” the moment they put on a Kara Oceane gown. 

About Our Leather


Always wanting the absolute best for her brides, Katie selects the most luxurious fabrics to bring her sketches to life.


Each Kara Oceane gown is handcrafted with detail, showcasing the workmanship lavishly. Whether the gown is made of luxe chiffons, dreamy and frothy tulle, silky satin, or rich crepe, you are sure to feel the love that was infused into each design. 


The process of sketch to dress starts in Toronto, Canada where Kara Oceane dresses are designed. Once Katie is confident in her design and ready to bring it to life, she hands the reigns over to her production team to complete her vision.


Katie is a perfectionist, which allows you to feel confident about your Kara Oceane gown. Each gown goes through a rigorous quality control check. Always wanting the best for her brides, Katie is proud of her designs which showcase a high quality of fabric and fit at an affordable pricepoint. Katie’s experience with custom made gowns has polished her skills in crafting the perfect wedding gown for the modern bride. Katie takes pride in highlighting the most important design quality of all, which is the upmost care and love that she puts into each and every dress. 

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